Air Ambulance

The Medevac Team

Offering superior air medical services in the Canadian North, Nunavut Lifeline has been providing advanced air medical services for the residents of Nunavut for over 25 years. Our air ambulance program is recognized throughout Canada as one of the best in the country!

Caring for the community around the clock

Providing advanced air medical services in the remote Arctic is a challenge we have met consistently year after year. The distances that we fly mandate careful attention to the preparation of our patients and the equipment and supplies we carry. Each patient is assessed by a specially trained flight nurse, and a care plan is developed to address his or her needs. Performing about 1,500 long distance inter-facility transports each year, Keewatin Air has logged over 120,000 hours flying air medical missions in turboprop aircraft. This experience base ensures that our patients receive the best available service in the north.

Nunavut air medical services

Keewatin Air has a contract with the Government of Nunavut to provide air medical serves in the Kivalliq and Baffin Regions.

We are committed to providing the best available air medical transport service possible under the experienced eye of our specially trained RN and RT staff. Using state of the art equipment and aircraft, we assess, stabilize and then transport patients over long distances from remote Arctic communities to referral centres where the required care is available.

Without a doubt, the key to the provision of quality air medical services are the people in our program. From our managers to our care providers, compassion, experience, and enthusiasm are at the core of our program staff.

Working together to provide the best available care

We base our philosophy on teamwork. At the manager level, we ensure that appropriate support systems are in place for the air medical teams. At the provider level, we ensure that pilots, Flight Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists are working together to provide the best available care to our patients during each medical flight. Working together is at the core of what we do.